What to Know Now

What to Know Now

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1st Day of School is Thursday September 8th! We are very excited for the new school year!

We are piloting a "Smooth, Stress-Free, & Safe School Year" program in response to a two-year Department of Traffic project that will impact our school community.


*PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF (OR PICK UP) YOUR CHILD ON OCEANIA STREET*   We can not stress the importance of this enough.

  • 1100+ students and staff enter the building within 5-10 minutes.
  • Some of our students have special needs and require the ramp on Oceania Street. You may see parents pull up on Oceania to drop off / pick up their child with special needs.
  • In addition, yellow school buses need to pull up directly on Oceania to drop off/ pick up our students. 

The SAFEST and LEAST CONGESTED OPTION for you and your child is to DROP OFF (and pick up) A FEW BLOCKS AWAY, not on 210th Street.

If you wish to see your child enter the building, please park a few blocks away and walk them to school. Thankfully, the school is in a residential area so this is possible. However, please do not block someone's driveway or double-park and block someone in. We do not want to cause stress during our drop off/ pick up times!

Returning Families: Please plan to arrive earlier than usual to drop off your child.

New Families: Please plan to drop off your child at 7:45 AM.

A huge thank you to our TEAM74 community for supporting the "Smooth, Stress-Free, & Safe School Year" program! Together, we will get through this.