Guidance Team

Guidance Team Contact Information


Staff Member Position Phone Number Email Address    
Mr. Bean Guidance Counselor, students M-Z 718-631-6817    
Mr. Benson Dean 718-631-6835    
Mrs. Guella School Psychologist 718-631-6890    
Mr. LaPoma Special Education Assistant Principal 718-631-6846    
Mrs. Kaufman Guidance Counselor, students A-L 718-631-6821    
Ms. Keenan SAPIS Youth Counselor 718-631-6800 ext. 2150    
Ms. Wiener Social Worker 718-423-8864    



Power Point from parent meeting:  Family Turnkey Presentation.pdf 

Myschools Information regarding uploading Audition materials:  myschool audition information.pdf 

TACHS APPLICANT RECORD:  TACHS_AppRec_2022-23_042622.pdf 

High School Directory

High School Admissions Video Series:

Video on SHSAT:

Video for High School admissions:

MySchools step by step registration: MySchoolsVerfAcc.pdf

If you need to change your address you will need the following: A-101 Housing Questionaire.pdf , Con Edison bill along with another proof of address (ex. drivers license, phone, car insurance etc.)